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Specializing in virus repair WITHOUT losing data!
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Over the years I have developed and refined a very unique and proprietary way of discovering and removing malware and viruses in such a way that I can make some guarantees that you don't often hear of in this industry.
I GUARANTEE not to lose your data. That means that all your personal files and folders will still be there after a complete virus clean-up.
I GUARANTEE that the computer you get back will be free of viruses. This comes as a 30 day guarantee that means even if you reinfect yourself I'll completely redo the entire process free of charge and then sit down with you and explain exactly what's causing the infections.


Using multiple different applications and combining them with many years of experience, I can determine in a very short time exactly what type of infection you have.

Using PROPRIETARY software alongside multiple unique paid, free and open-source software, I hunt down every single trace of those malware and viruses and remove them, putting your system back into a good clean state.

During the entire virus and malware removal process, I also manually ensure that all traces have been removed. Since no tech utility is absolutely 100% accurate in removing today's threats, I ensure the job is done properly by following through with my own eyes using many years of experience.

Same Day Repairs


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  • He was super nice and explained everything well. The free diagnostics are awesome! He helped me decide whether to spend the money on a replacement, unlike a lot of repair places will. Definitely a great choice!
  • - M. Combs
    Colby is my new go to guy. Fast. Efficient. Friendly. Most if all? Fixed RIGHT. Great price, amazing service.
    - M. Combs
  • - S. May
    Quick and thorough! Thank you.
    - S. May
  • - M. Davis
    Always great advice and know how with Colby :D Awesome to have a local guy you can count on :D
    - M. Davis
  • - C. Hunter
    Totally affordable, fast and excellent customer service! So knowledgeable and was happy to explain everything to me.
    - C. Hunter
  • - I. Langston
    Colby is so honest and reliable with my computers. He never makes me feel stupid for some of the things I do.
    - I. Langston
  • - M. Bailey
    He really knows his stuff! Definitely worth him being THE FIRST CALL U MAKE! lol. I learned that the hard way!
    - M. Bailey
  • - A. Zerkle
    Colby did a great job with my computer. It was running so slow and now it is cleaned up and running like a champ.
    - A. Zerkle
  • - R. Fitzgerald
    Colby is so knowledgeable when it comes to anything dealing with computers and is so easy to get along with.
    - R. Fitzgerald
  • - B. Foley
    Colby knows his stuff, and kept me informed through the repair process. He also recommended affordable solutions.
    - B. Foley
  • - D. Corry
    Colby guarantees his work and is very honest. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
    - D. Corry
  • - D&B's Pet Sitting & Boarding
    We have called A+ Psychlone a few times for various problems. Always very prompt & thorough.
    - D&B's Pet Sitting & Boarding
  • - B. Schade
    Quick, friendly, and knowledgeable service. Needed a part in my laptop replaced and these folks did it for a fair price.
    - B. Schade
  • - R. Genck
    I was referred to Colby on Facebook through the Blog page by 7 people in an hour. Hands down, this is the guy to go to.
    - R. Genck
  • - MJ. Ensor
    Colby really knows his business. Fast, reliable, and at a fair price. I wouldn't trust my computers to anyone else.
    - MJ. Ensor